The first determinant of end product success: 100% virgin PTFE
Teflon is the trade name for Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). PTFE raw material, Teflon was discovered by Roy J. Plunkett of Du Pont in 1938 and marketed under the DuPont Teflon® trademark in 1946.

Teflon is a thermoplastic fluoropolymer. It has a molecular structure consisting of a long and straight carbon chain saturated with fluorine atoms. Teflon, which is resistant to heat, chemicals, humidity, electrical jump (dielectric), and friction, does not stick to any material, its friction coefficient is smaller than that of all solid objects. In addition, Teflon is a light, flexible, high dimensional stability (not easily deformed) material, inert (does not react with chemicals), and these properties offer the user a wide range of temperatures.

Preferring 100% virgin PTFE in gaskets has different advantages for manufacturers and end users;
- 100% virgin PTFE is one of the easiest materials for gasket assembly and disassembly. Teflon is the material with the lowest coefficient of friction. Therefore, it is not possible to encounter a problem such as sticking with Teflon gasket.
- Teflon, whose intramolecular and intermolecular bonds are much stronger than other polymer materials, shows both high dimensional stability and chemical stability. Therefore, 100% virgin PTFE Teflon gaskets are the ones with the best mechanical properties and chemical resistance among gaskets made from other polymer materials on the market.
- Teflon gasket is the most chemically stable gasket. It does not react with any fluid carried to the line where it is used. Therefore, it does not create a situation that will have the slightest negative effect on the performance of the part it is used and the system in which that part is located.
- Teflon has a strong as well as flexible bond structure. So, the Teflon gasket can operate in a wide temperature range (between -250°C and +260°C), while minimizing the possibility of leakage by showing optimum expansion and contraction in the face of temperature changes.
In addition, it has been seen that if less costly equivalent raw materials are used instead of 100% virgin PTFE;
- Teflon gasket deforms in shorter periods and the product warranty period of the manufacturers may be affected.
- Functional loss may occur in a short time in the products it is used in (for example, valves) and the brand awareness of the manufacturers may be adversely affected.
- Because its strength is low in very cold or very hot weather conditions, it causes premature deterioration of the end product and may affect the end user.

Due to these features of Teflon and our quality standards, as Mekanika, we use only 100% virgin PTFE in our production process.

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