The center of our work: value generation.

Production at Mekanika means choosing the right raw material, working with an experienced team, efficiency and continuous control. Production units and Quality Control Department carry out their activities within the framework of ISO standards and internal regulations. With MEK24 ERP, all these works are monitored and reported instantly (Just-in-Time - JIT). Undesirable situations are resolved without repetition.

Understanding the Need:

The need is determined by taking into account the information, technical drawing and/or final product conveyed by our customer. At this stage, our customer is contacted many times to ensure that the solution and our suggestions are correct.

Choosing the Right Raw Material:

The most ideal raw material type is determined in accordance with the usage area of ​​​​our customers' products and other situations – again confirmed with them.

Mold Production & CNC Machining:

Mold production in accordance with the product to be produced in our own facility on CNC machines.Thus,the accurary of the mold / end product and realization of the production process in the shortest time are ensured.

Semi Finished Production :

Gasket production is carried out in the desired diameter and tolerances in the pressing machines invented by our company.

Sintering & Finishing:

The sintering of semi-finished gaskets is done in special industrial furnaces. If necessary, the gasket is given its final shape by machining operation.

Quality control:

In each of the stages of raw material acceptance, molding control, sample control, semi finished product control and final control, quality control engineers control the product and the works to ensure the quality of Mekanika.

Our products are life-test approved, suitable for drinking water and automation.


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Since 1983, we are here to produce with decades of experience and solutions of the 21st century.

We are producing by using automatic pressing machines at Mekanika. As a result of our attention to product quality, we have become one of the successful companies in our sector in a short time and we have got the greatest source of pride which is long-term relationships with our customers. Our products are life-test approved, suitable for drinking water and automation.

Thanks to our experienced staff, we are just beside to our customer with understanding the needs, developing solutions, sharing information to improve the production process, and also providing design support in new projects. In addition, we aim to benefit our customers in their decisions by constantly following and sharing the current developments and changes in the global market

  • Experienced

    Knowledge and experience gained through many sectors, companies and orders

  • Trustworhty

    The kindness that our customers have shown for our products and recommendations for many years

  • Flexible

    Solution-oriented in the center of our customers' needs and priorities